My Experience

I’ve always been a writer. When I was a kid, I co-wrote and distributed a neighborhood newspaper. When I was in college, I was editor-in-chief of a biweekly campus news magazine. When I graduated, I joined the staff of a large Washington, D.C. advertising agency as a publicist and writer.

I have been a self-employed freelance writer and public relations consultant in New Hampshire since 1986. Over the years, my clientele has included marketing agencies, major corporations, small businesses, associations, law firms,non-profit organizations, individuals and magazine and newspaper publishers. For more information, please visit my LinkedIn profile.

My Clients

I’ve been hired to write about everything from home design and healthcare, to screwdrivers and lumber.  The research skills that I’ve acquired as an occasional business journalist enable me to learn about new subjects quickly. I don’t specialize, but I am somewhat selective. Right now, I’m particularly enjoying work in areas in which I have a personal interest — real estate, architecture, interior design, travel & tourism, the arts and non-profits.  A significant portion of my time is also dedicated to work as a writing subcontractor to creative agencies throughout New England.

How I Work

When I had employees, I found I spent more time managing and less time being creative. After some soul-searching, I scaled back and went freelance. Now each client, no matter how small, gets my undivided attention. Please check out my Frequently Asked Questions for practical information about my work policies.

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