website content writing
Content only, or full creative services to create a website from start to finish. See a site.
Design and Development:By client


Emails, blogs and other ways to keep in touch.
See a sample blog post.
Produced for a Precision Marketing Group client


Portfolio-PublicationsIn-depth pieces written to deepen understanding and engagement. View a sample.
Produced for a Precison Marketing Group client

Brochures:Sales Collateral

freelance marketing writing brochures
Compelling copy only, or complete creative services.
View a sample
Design: Svengrafik

Reports & White Papers

Concise, compelling position papers, meeting reports, presentations, white papers and more. View a white paper. Written for Precision Marketing Group.

Trifolds and Mailers

Succinct, appealing, at-a-glance pieces.View a Sample.
Written for a Radar Marketing client. Design and project management by Radar Marketing.

Flyers & Announcements

Short pieces when nothing fancy is needed. See a sample. Design: William Tell Designs


Electronic or print. Quarterly, weekly or somewhere in between. See an e-newsletter. Produced for a Precision Marketing Group client

Articles & Press Releases

Press releases, press kits, ghostwritten feature articles & other publicity materials. View sample feature article

Print Ads

Eye-catching, effective ads. See sample. Design: Radar Marketing. Produced for Wentworth Marketing

Case Histories

Ducharme Writing Case Historiesi
Client interviews and writing persuasive case histories for web and print. See an example.

Online Promotions

Freelance writing for online promotions Display ads, social media, link building campaigns & other tools to drive traffic to your website.

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